Oral B Recyclable Electric Toothbrush Heads


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Recyclable electric toothbrush heads which are compatible with Oral-B* Electric Toothbrushes, a great eco-friendly alternative to conventional toothbrush heads.

This zero waste electric toothbrush head is compatible with all round head Oral-B, each recyclable pack contains two electric brush heads which have charcoal infused bristles.

  • Oral-B compatible - Charcoal Bristles, 2 pack.
  • Oral-B compatible - Charcoal Bristles, 4 pack.
  • Oral-B compatible - Standard Bristles, 2 pack.
  • Oral-B compatible - Standard Bristles, 4 pack.

Return scheme for recycling - Simply return your used brush heads to Brushd. using the pre-paid compostable pouch enclosed with your order and they will recycle the heads correctly.

*Please note that Oral-B & Philips are third party trademarks with no affiliation to Brushd.