About Us - Meet the Team

img-20220202-095017.jpgOur business is here to help you shop plastic free ( as much as is possible) for your everyday household and personal items. We pride ourselves on finding amazing eco-friendly, cruelty free products, that are kind to you and our amazing planet. We have sustainability at our core and we search out products that meet our ethics and ethos and bring them to you. Be assured we have done our due dillidence on the company's we have on our website and their products meet our high standands.

The founder, Seona, was finding it difficult to source a place to refill near her, so in lockdown she converted the waiting room of her chiropractic practice (www.stiveswellness.uk) and opened St Ives Refill, a small one room shop where she and other like minded people could come and refill laundry detergent, fabric conditioner, washing up liquid , shampoos..... the list goes on! As the shop began to grow she was asked if she would stock more and more items that were plastic free, compostable, recyclable and sustainable, so we did and it is now quite sizeable!

Seona is a huge animal lover and it goes without saying that none of the products found in the shop have been tested on animals. The majority of the products are also vegan, except for some containing beeswax. 

In January 2022 we decided that we had to take the shop to a larger audience, so we rebranded and became Explore Zero Waste, as you find us today. Although we can't sell refills online we have a lot of plastic free swaps and ideas available. Of course Refills are still available in store in St Ives in Cambridgeshire. If you'd like the price list for this, please take a look at our first Blog post, where you will find it.

We'd love your feedback and ideas to help our shop to blossom into the place you'd like to return over and over again.